Thursday, February 20, 2014

First challenge - Valentine's passions

First challenge is already ahead of us, first voting was done. We did some mistakes and learned from them, but we still very proud and satisfied with the results.

Today, we would like to share the works with the others and announce the new theme for the new challenge. But first - the works of our LT beads team members.

Work by Jurgita Benderyte

Freed Love by Ori
White queen by Vitalija

Heart Beat by Jurate

Heart by Ieva Skackauskiene
I Love by Loreta Lavariene

Open Your Heart by Rebel Soul

Pulse of Love by ZyMi

Red rose by Egle

Romantica by Art of Shine

Shy Love by Dalika

Design by our youngest member Jone

Valentine's Passions by GiDi
Valentine by Ediba

Valentine by Ruta Brudrikiene

So here are all the participants and their works for this special Valentine's challenge.

And the winner is - Heart by Ieva Skackauskiene

The new Challenge theme - Waiting for a spring. And twist - use fauna in your work.

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