Thursday, February 20, 2014

It all comes to beads

A new beginning and a new story. A new blog for something, that had grown so big that needs extra lines to tell.

It all began with love and passion. As all the stories go. A big love for the beads and creating something special. For some of us it is just a hobby, work for others - but a true passion, I may say - for all.
We love to create nice things, experiment with different techniques and create something - clothes, jewelry, accessories. No matter what, the main and inevitable part of this creation should be beads.

We started with the academy, with theme for bead lovers and have outgrown it. We needed something more. So we created FB page, a place where we could be friends and share our ideas and experience.

Now, we are taking another step and create a blog, a place were we could show the others how far we went, where we could share our challenge pieces and ask others to be the judges of our work.

LT Seed Beads with now more than 100 members go online and we hope that you will enjoy our work and passion with us.

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